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Flying Acres, LLC

Drone Spraying Company

The Agras T30 and Agras T40 are autonomous drone systems that are fully fitted with camera obstacle avoidance, automatic take off and landings, adaptive in flight functions, spotlights for increased visuals, and many other beneficial features that all focus on the businesses main priority, safety. This includes the safety of our pilots, crew, aircrafts, as well as everything around them.

The Agras T30 and Agras T40 systems allow for ease, efficiency, and ergonomic operations. They allow for quick set up and take down measures for the daily on the go operations.

Flying Acres, LLC

High Quality Performance

Aerial Drone Application could be classified as the “future” of convenient aerial applications. This new spraying and seeding technology allows for services in areas that have never been accessible by other forms of application.

When put to the test, the Agras T30 and Agras T40 have proven to hold their own against their competition, crop dusters and ground rigs. Though the competition is there, Aerial Drone Applications will never fully replace the need for ground rigs and crop dusters. As a business, Flying Acres, LLC wants to work hand in hand with the competition to ensure that services can be provided to any and all that are in need.